Review: Endless featuring N:DLESS – Immersive, Nostalgic . . . Hilarious!

I don’t think I have ever been to a show where there was such a party atmosphere before anything actually happened! But somehow we all feel like we are going out, and not just out but out, out!

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Immersive, Nostalgic, Hilarious!

As soon as E:Dless burst on to the stage we are off on the rollercoaster ride. As the stella highs and tragic lows of this 90s rave sensation are ‘relived’ for us.

The effort put into creating this fabulous pop-tastic illusion is impressive. The show is a heady mix of live music, documentary style interviews and compelling drama. And the big screen revelations from actual real life pop legends such as Basement Jaxx, Aswad’s fifth member and Chumbawamba are beyond classic viewing.

Between the banging beats we discover their N:dless evolution from the original folk-tronica trio, known as Wonky Dog. And then the truth behind what really happened after that infamous and rather bloody Eurovision attempt is finally exposed.

Trifle Gathering Productions have gone all out to create an epic alternate history for us, that feels bizarrely pretty blooming familiar. Maybe I was actually at that gig in the Little Chef . . . The flashbacks are just too real!

I am not surprised at all that audiences and critics are loving this hilarious show.

Comments I’ve seen in just this first week have included: “ingenious”, “compelling and powerful” and “insanely funny”.

Lee Trewhela of Cornwall Live, who attended the Porthtowan performance, later wrote:

Rather like the recent Bros documentary, N:Dless is an exhilarating ride through musicians’ egos, insecurities and downright silliness. It’s also surprisingly heartfelt and moving.

It took the writing, acting and directing team at Trifle Gathering Productions three years to put this show together and, boy, is it worth the wait!

This show is a must for anyone who remembers the 1990s, anyone who loves a sax solo and big boucy balls. And anyone who fancies some proper belly laughs!

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