Nare Head & Gull Rock, Gerrans Bay

“Nare Head is over three hundred feet high and it’s cliffs bristle with slaty fangs . . .” AG Folliott-Stokes, 1928 Nare Head, the northern headland which guards the entrance to Gerrans Bay, is pretty imposing and the panoramic view from it’s rocky battlements remains one of my absolute favourites. Owned by the National Trust […]

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Gerennius, King of Cornwall & his Golden Boat.

Just outside the village of Veryan, which is most famous for its round houses, there is a large mound in the middle of a field. It is known as Carne Beacon because it was at one time used as a signal point. But beneath the turf legend has it a king is buried. King Gerennius, […]

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Cornwall on Film – Discover Ten Cornish movie locations

Each year hundreds of tourists a drawn to Cornwall. Many of them have come to know the county through TV programmes such as Poldark and Doc Martin. These series’ showcase some of county’s most beautiful locations. But what about the Big Screen? Where in Cornwall has featured in the movies? This article will help you […]

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The Longest Grave in the UK – Veryan, Cornwall

longest grave in UK Veryan

I am always on the look out for the unusual, the odd and the downright peculiar, whether it is a house with a 3000 years lease, a lost golden cup, or a sighting of mermaids I just love to find the story behind it all! So when I heard about a grave in the village […]

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The Ruin of Merther Church

Old buildings, I feel, always have a certain presence but ruined places somehow even more so.  There is a special kind of mystery in a ruined place and I find myself drawn in and pisky-led.  My rather over-active imagination can fill these ivy-clad, tumble-down spaces with life and lives that are entirely of my own invention.  Maybe […]

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Cornwall’s Leviathan

So is the great and wide sea, wherein are things creeping innumerable, both small and great beasts.  There go the ships: there is that leviathan, whom thou hast made therein. Psalm 104 verses 25-26 The coastline of Cornwall is mysterious as it is majestic. That wide, wild ocean that is full of so much potential […]

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