Alsia Well & some history of Wishing Wells

“Half hidden at the end of secret pathways, stumbled upon near old streams, nestled at the bottom of remote valleys far from modern-day roads and cottages, Cornwall’s holy wells are places of peace and contemplation, and refuge from the strains and pressures of 20th century civilization.” -Cheryl Straffon. In his book Secret Shrines Paul Broadhurst […]

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Review: Endless featuring N:DLESS – Immersive, Nostalgic . . . Hilarious!

I don’t think I have ever been to a show where there was such a party atmosphere before anything actually happened! But somehow we all feel like we are going out, and not just out but out, out! Immersive, Nostalgic, Hilarious! As soon as E:Dless burst on to the stage we are off on the […]

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The Cunaide Stone – Hayle’s 5th century burial stone.

Just before Christmas 2018 the Cunaide Stone was moved inside for it’s own protection. Up until last year this rare 5th century burial stone had spent 175 years exposed to the elements. It was time for a little TLC! The picture above is the stone in its broken state before restoration. The Cunaide stone was […]

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Cornwall’s longest beach

Cornwall's longest beach

In Cornwall we really are blessed with some of the country’s finest coastline and it’s most beautiful beaches. There are literally hundreds to choose from. We have prehistoric beaches, beaches with shipwrecks, lots of shipwrecks. Beaches with smugglers, beaches with treasure and romantic rock carvings. There are so many fascinating stories. But one such beach […]

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The Treburrick Standing Stone & interpreting menhirs.

This incredible menhir is pretty isolated. Roughly a mile from some of Cornwall’s most beautiful coastal scenery, this old stone stands alone on a hillside. The Treburrick standing stone is a huge piece of bright white quartz. Covered in lichen, it is 6 feet 6 inches high and sits in a circular depression, probably caused by […]

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Endelienta – Baroque & their summer programme

It is a dark and damp March evening but the leaded windows of St Endellion church are sending a welcoming glow out into the night. In the depths of the Cornish countryside, where the nosiest neighbours are the tawny owls, a small group of music lovers are in for a wonderful and unexpected treat. Based […]

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Dupath Well – A Romantic History

Dupath Well

Deeply shrouded in the gloom of departed time is one of the histories connected with Dupath Spring. It was the site of a fierce combat, the scene of heroic enterprise and deeds of noble daring for a lady’s love. – Illustrated Itinerary of Cornwall, Cyrus Redding, 1842 Dupath Well has the largest and most impressive […]

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Review – All Rivers Run Free by Natasha Carthew

A woman on the edge of the sea finds a girl on the edge of life. I always used to say that no matter where I was in the world if you picked me up and dropped me down anywhere in Cornwall I would know I was home. There is something in the air, in […]

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