The Mystery of Wheal Trewavas Mine

Wheal Trewavas

Precariously perched on towering cliffs Wheal Trewavas Mine is a special place to visit. These huge engine houses are just as impressive as the world-famous Crown Mines at Botallack on Cornwall’s North Coast. And, just like the Crown Mines, Wheal Trewavas was once famous for it’s temeritous tunnels that stretching out from the coast beneath […]

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Thomas Hardy, a Cornish love affair

Thomas Hardy

By the time Thomas Hardy’s wife, Emma, passed away in 1912 the couple had been estranged for a number of years. But her sudden death shook Hardy, and he found himself reminiscing about the beginning of their relationship, the time they had spent together in Cornwall. He began to look back at that courtship and […]

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St Clether Chapel & Holy Well

‘The story goes that one day the devil came to the Tamar from the Devon side and stood rubbing his chin and considering. ‘No,’ said he, ‘I won’t take the risk. Yonder every person is made into a saint and everything into a pie. I do not feel qualified for either position.’ It is true […]

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John Carter – King Of Prussia Cove

Prussia Cove

Smugglers retained a certain mystique, a measure of respect and acclaim, within the Cornish community throughout the 18th century and beyond. And perhaps none more so than John Carter, the King of Prussia Cove, who remains one of the eras best known characters to this day. It was said that no jury in Cornwall would […]

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Leach Pottery At 100

This year marks one hundred years since the iconic Leach Pottery in St Ives was founded. Despite the difficulties that 2020 has brought the team are still determined to mark this special year with an inventive programme of events. Find out how you can get involved below! Leach Pottery has been at the forefront of […]

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Tater Du Lighthouse

Tater Du, not far from Lamorna Cove, is Cornwall’s most recently built lighthouse. Isolated and always unmanned, this lighthouse sits on its rocky platform, a silent sentinel to a wide sweep of unforgiving sea. But on a warm summer’s day wildflowers, nesting birds, bees and butterflies thrive beside the coastal path that passes this lonely […]

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Temple Church – Knights Templar & Cornwall’s Gretna Green

Temple Church

These days the tiny village of Temple boasts a handful of cottages and farms, a red telephone box and one of Cornwall’s most picturesque churches. But in the 12th century, when the Order of the Knight’s Templar were given a small pocket of land in the heart of Bodmin Moor, there was nothing there but […]

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Cornish Mazes

Of all the historic remains found in Cornwall the various Cornish mazes are perhaps some of our most mysterious, fun and enigmatic. We are attracted to, and intrigued by, them not only because of their rarity but because of what they symbolise. Amongst other things they seem to represent a tangible connection to the artistic, […]

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Murder in Poundstock Church

The small hamlet of Poundstock huddles in a lush wooded valley between Boscastle and Bude. It is a picturesque place. Peaceful, timeless. But the quiet belies what was once a rather bloody past. A past which saw feuding Cornish families take up arms against each other and led to one of Cornwall’s most notorious murders. […]

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A Bizarre Ghost Story from 19th Century Falmouth

During the winter of 1849 the whole of Falmouth was on edge. The conversation in the shops, the alehouses and on the streets was only about one thing . . . Strange sounds had been heard at night, unexplainable, frightening noises that were keeping everyone awake. Screeching Cries There were various contradictory descriptions of what […]

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