Tater Du Lighthouse

Tater Du, not far from Lamorna Cove, is Cornwall’s most recently built lighthouse. Isolated and always unmanned, this lighthouse sits on its rocky platform, a silent sentinel to a wide sweep of unforgiving sea. But on a warm summer’s day wildflowers, nesting birds, bees and butterflies thrive beside the coastal path that passes this lonely […]

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Temple Church – Knights Templar & Cornwall’s Gretna Green

Temple Church

These days the tiny village of Temple boasts a handful of cottages and farms, a red telephone box and one of Cornwall’s most picturesque churches. But in the 12th century, when the Order of the Knight’s Templar were given a small pocket of land in the heart of Bodmin Moor, there was nothing there but […]

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A History of St Loy Cove, Penwith

St Loy

“I doubt if anyone could find a warmer spot in England during the winter than this little St Loy Cove . . . it is a regular suntrap where even in the severest winter the warm sea water keeps Jack Frost at bay.” Folliott-Stokes, 1928. The boulderous bay between Merthen Point and Boscawen Point, is […]

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Chun Quoit

Chun Quoit, one of Cornwall’s best preserved prehistoric monuments, is spectacularly located high on a hill in West Penwith. Leaning with your back against it’s sun-warmed stones you can see for miles, expansive views across moorland, farmland and out to sea. But what was this structure for and what did it represent to the people […]

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A Cornish Reading List – my Favourite books about Cornwall


I have been meaning to compile a reading list of books about Cornwall for a number of years, and now seems the perfect opportunity! If we can’t physically get out there and explore at least we can find inspiration in these pages – and make lots of plans of the places we would like to […]

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Trevelgue Head Cliff Castle, Newquay

The coastline around Newquay bristles with rocky headlines. Penhale Point, Kelsey Head, Pentire Point, Towan Head, Park Head, Griffin Point . . . Jutting out into the ocean like the jagged teeth of an ancient comb. Many of these promontories were the refuge places of early man. Geologically and physically advantageous sites where cliff castles […]

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Charles Causley – A life in Poems

Considered one of the most important British poets of his generation, Charles Causley was born, lived and died in the small Cornish town of Launceston. But despite initial appearances his was anything but an inactive or uneventful life. At first glance Charles Causley’s life may seem quiet, ordinary, perhaps even hum drum. A private man, […]

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Fernacre Stone Circle

The secluded Fernacre Stone Circle is one of the largest of Cornwall’s ancient circles. And, along with its near neighbour Stannon Circle, is also one of the oldest and the most northerly on Bodmin Moor. Interestingly it has also been suggested that this particular stone circle was quite literally pivotal in the positioning of many […]

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Cornish Mazes

Of all the historic remains found in Cornwall the various Cornish mazes are perhaps some of our most mysterious, fun and enigmatic. We are attracted to, and intrigued by, them not only because of their rarity but because of what they symbolise. Amongst other things they seem to represent a tangible connection to the artistic, […]

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Murder in Poundstock Church

The small hamlet of Poundstock huddles in a lush wooded valley between Boscastle and Bude. It is a picturesque place. Peaceful, timeless. But the quiet belies what was once a rather bloody past. A past which saw feuding Cornish families take up arms against each other and led to one of Cornwall’s most notorious murders. […]

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