Terence Coventry’s clifftop Sculpture Park – a hidden treasure on the Lizard

Terence conventry sculpture park

Terence Coventry’s farm lies on an isolated clifftop not far from the picturesque village of Coverack. Terence lived here for more than 30 years and late in his life he converted three small meadows into a free sculpture park. This beautiful park, in its secluded and unexpected setting, has been surprising walkers ever since.

In those grassy meadows, overlooking the sea, you will find about 25 monumental sculptures. These art works are both a celebration of his work as an artist but also his rural life as a farmer.

Terence coventry sculpture park

The strong figurative sculptures depict what surrounded Terence during his working life on the land. Rooks, owls, swallows, bulls, cows, horses and dogs as well as people. His work captures their movements and mannerisms. Find out the story of Reginald and Patricia, or the return of the Raven or raise up your eyes and arms like the Sunrise Woman. Or simply just sit and admire.

Coventry was very much hands on artist. He began sculpture in earnest in about 1985 around 20 years after moving to Cornwall, starting by producing his pieces in wood and then metal and stone. He worked not in a studio but in a rough and ready workshop akin to a smithy.


The environment in which he lived, this coastal region of the Lizard, is a place of wild extremes and strange contradictions – all at once savage and sub-tropical, rugged and lush. Coventry’s work seems to somehow reflects these extremes. The sculpture morph from recognisable silhouettes to abstract shapes and back again.

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I would highly recommend taking the time to visit next time you are in the Lizard area. This park really is a wonderful gift. The sculptures are both powerful and tender, dreamlike and dynamic. Sadly Terence Coventry passed away in 2017 but his legacy is a joy freely given for all of us to enjoy.


From Coverack village climb School Hill, at the right hand bend in the road take the path that runs past the white painted cottages, with the sea on your left, and up the hill. Notice the red serpentine stones along the path, polished by many feet. Cross the field and follow the footpath to the narrow lane. Turn left. Walk past the thatched cottage and take the next footpath on the right. Just keep following this path.

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6 thoughts on “Terence Coventry’s clifftop Sculpture Park – a hidden treasure on the Lizard

  1. I love outdoor sculpture gardens. Next week we will enjoy one in Maine where the young man took over an abandoned granite quarry for free material!

    1. Visited yesterday,what an amazing sight all these larger than life sculptures,one meadow and a strip of land had been planted with wild flowers it must have been a real smile maker in the summer

  2. We discovered this amazing sculpture park a few years ago. Isn’t it delightful? So glad you like it too! Jan

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