Box Brownie: The next step

Since I found my Brownie camera in a charity shop I have been on a sharp learning curve as I have got to know it and have gradually built up a picture of how this funny black box actually works.  I plan to do a couple more blogs on the anatomy of my Brownie and its few but important features.  It, like me, is not a complicated soul but may need a little coaching to get the best out of it!

Falmouth Seafront

Today however I just wanted to share some pictures with you because these my friends are the first pictures that I have developed myself!!! And I have to say despite all my nerves about whether I was going to be able to do this or not I loved it.  Needless to say these will not be the last prints I make with my own hands!

Zennor Quoit
Flags for Obby Oss Day
Pendennis Castle, Falmouth
May Pole, Penryn
Little Chapel, Falmouth

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14 thoughts on “Box Brownie: The next step

  1. Nice shots, CB – I particularly like the flags shot and Zennor – the Brownie gives them a timeless look, they could’ve been taken in the 1940s – think I might have to come up with a photoshop workaround to get a similar effect! G

    1. Thank you 😃its giving me a lot of joy taking them and now developing too! I dont really know much about Photoshop tbh but happy if I’ve given you an idea 😊

      1. The simplicity attracts me – but then the reality (and recollections) of film processing, sending off, getting one or two pics out of 20 that are worth keeping puts me off – I’m a slave to the digital these days, sadly!

      2. I understand that, I do both, my phone mostly but the brownie makes me take my time and think about every shot

  2. Hello. I love these photos and your blog. My favourites here are the flags and the first image of the seafront. I’m enjoying the feeling of excitement and joy in your words. Can’t wait to read more of your thoughts on the camera. Will you also be talking about how you’re doing the developing? Do you scan the negatives or are you doing your own printing as well? I’m a film buff myself and develop black and white in the kitchen and for me, as much as the result, it’s the slow, very tangible process I love. Digital is different, not better or worse but definitely different I think. Thank you for sharing and you’ve inspired me to shoot a box camera this weekend – maybe even a brownie!

  3. Thomas Wolfe wrote that we can’t go home again. But, I think if we could, I’d want to take my old Yashica twin lens, the first camera from which processed my own film (and printed, too). A very nice series oh photos.

  4. So takes me back so many years a) the unique style of image from BB and b) location shots my childhood., says and communicates a lot in many ways lots of ?s why !

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