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I am not even sure that this post needs words.  Like all of us all work and no play does me no good what so ever! I am one of those people who loves being busy but has to also make the most of the time off when I get it!  For me that usually means getting outside and walking, often alone, somewhere in the beautiful Cornish countryside.

But once a year though there is a place just a stones-throw from my front door that I always find time to visit.  It is the stunning Enys Gardens near Penryn and of course the reason for my visit is to see their wonderful bluebell fields.


Enys is considered the oldest formal garden in Cornwall, established in 1709.  In Spring the park land around the house, known as Parc Lye, comes alive with bluebells.

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This ancient parc, it is believed, hasn’t been ploughed for centuries so the little Bluebells blubs have been allowed to thrive. And what a sight they are! You may have to go back a couple of times to catch them at their best but believe me it is well worth the trouble!


Sadly the old family that gave the estate it’s name, and filled the more formal gardens here with tropical plants, has gone.  The house stands silent and empty.  I often peer in at the windows and try and imagine how it would have been when the whole place was a family home.

Their absence is in many ways good for us though, it allows us access to this stunningly beautiful private world that they created.

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5 thoughts on “Enys Bluebells: No filter needed

    1. It is still part owned by distant relations I think and run and maintained by a trust and volunteers. The house seems OK, I understand that there have been plans to open it to raise money for repairs. I for one would love to get inside!!

  1. I have been to Cornwall so many times but never heard of this garden…thanks for showcasing it. What an interestingly shaped pine tree to the right of the main house photo…it looks like a topiary tap!!

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