Roadtrip with my Box Brownie

Last week I had to go and fetch my nearest and dearest from Gatwick airport.  Now I will admit I really do love an excuse for a road-trip. I have always loved driving and as soon as I learnt I never looked back.  I think that part of that has to do with growing up in a rural area.  Without a car in Cornwall having a life can be a challenge and with so many beautiful places to visit you really do need some wheels.

Boscombe Pier


So surprisingly perhaps despite being a country-girl I am always happy to set off on a long journey.  I have driven all over Europe, through some of the biggest cities and so am fairly confident behind the wheel. Cornwall can feel a long way from anywhere though and the longest part of any journey is always the final leg home down the rolling A30.

Back to this week I successfully retrieved my Cornish other-half from Gatwick and we decided rather than return straight to Cornwall we would take a bit of a side-trip to the south coast and basically bunny-hop our way down it for a few days.  We love nothing better than setting out with a vague route and just seeing what we find along the way. We weren’t disappointed.

We had a wonderful few days in Kent, Sussex, Dorset and Devon before crossing the border on to home turf!  The pictures below are some that I took with my faithful old Brownie and I thought I would share!  Again I have to say I was delighted with the results although I notice that bright sunlight (weren’t we lucky with the weather!) may be causing a few issues with exposure and my ability to see what I am taking a picture of in the tiny little view-finder! Lady behind the lens!!!

img007 (3)
Durdle Door, Dorset
img006 (3)
Ruins of Boxgrove Priory, Sussex


img005 (4)
Lancing Chapel, Sussex
img003 (4)
Other-worldly Dungeness, Kent
img004 (4)
Bodiam Castle, East Sussex
img001 (5)
Back in Cornwall, Lostwithiel
img002 (3)
Duloe,  just because.

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9 thoughts on “Roadtrip with my Box Brownie

  1. Love the photo of Dungeness – it’s such a great place, so not England!! I also know the feeling of that slog down to the toe of Cornwall!!

  2. Wow what great images! I’m quite envious that your box brownie works. Must be quite a fun camera I’d have thought. Also like the idea of just taking a few days to gently head home seeing what you see.

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