Miracle Theatre’s ‘Aladdin’ at the Princess Pavillion


Hilarious family fun, wonderfully entertaining! This show should be part of everyone’s Christmas!

Going to see a pantomime is very much a Christmas tradition that began when I was a small child. So when I was asked to review Miracle Theatre‘s production of ‘Aladdin’ I couldn’t have been more delighted. And now after seeing it I have to say I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much at a performance!

Miracle Theatre Aladdin review
The Willoughby-Brown family – photo credit Kirstin Prisk

Miracle Theatre’s ‘Aladdin’ is an all new take on the classic rags to riches story and features a play within a play. Set in 1943 Falmouth we join the rather eccentric Willoughby-Brown family as they valiantly try to put on a comedically homespun performance for their local community. (That’s you!)

Miracle Theatre Aladdin review
Abanazar, Widow Twankey and Aladdin: credit Kirstin Prisk

For me Miracle Theatre represents the epitome of doing more with less. So much more!

Since they were founded here in Cornwall in 1979 Miracle Theatre have been wowing us with novel and innovative performances often in unlikely locations across the county. This time the cast are inside but the show is no less ambitious. Just seven actors seamlessly take on multiple roles. Whether it’s quick (often hilarious) changes into different characters, or providing the sound effects, music or set changes. Clever lighting, props and imagination create convincing and wonderfully entertaining effects, such as Aladdin’s magic carpet ride and, my personal highlight, the melancholy singing spider.

The make-do-and-mend mentality of the War Years is interpreted to great effect in the props and costumes. Widow Twankey’s outfit is cleverly made entirely made of old table clothes and there is a stellar appearance by a two humped camel made from ‘recommissioned sandbags and cardboard boxes’.

Designer Jude Munden writes in the programme:

“In an increasingly automated existence I love the real hold-it-in-your-hands and make it world we create with every Miracle theatre show.”

Miracle Theatre Aladdin review
The Grand Vizier and the camel: credit Kirstin Prisk

Without exception the cast are wonderful! Giles King as John Willoughby-Brown, the evil Abanazar and the Sultan deservedly gets some of the most raucous laughs. But Holly Cassidy as the bonkers Genie of the Ring and the attention-seeking Dorothy Willoughby-Brown is brilliant too. Widow Twankey’s cookery class made me both cringe and cry with laughter. As did the ‘firing Mummy out the canon’ scene. Genius.

The show has been directed by Bill Scott and Kyla Goody, who I had the pleasure of working while guest blogging for WildWorks back in the summer.

“Bill and I are having a ridiculous amount of fun creating this show for you working with this multi-talented task all of whom have so many surprises hidden up their leotards.” Kyla says, “The uniqueness of this bunch will ensure an endless supply of brilliantly bizarre characters delivering tightly choreographed comedy storytelling and song we hope you enjoy it!”

I certainly did. And I am sure you will too. This is panto at its best. Bright, warm and unstoppable fun. All the classic jokes, silly song and dance routines and audience participation that, young or old, we all just love.

This show should be part of everyone’s Christmas!

For booking follow the link below!

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The show runs until 5th January 2019 at the Princess Pavillion in Falmouth.

  • There are BSL performances on Saturday 15th and Wednesday 19th December.
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