From Granite to Sea – A Review of Alex Langstone’s latest book

There are some books that I turn to again and again. Ones that I regularly pull down from my bookshelf when I am researching something. Or when I am looking for somewhere new to explore. After spending just a few short weeks with Langstone’s latest book I already know it too is going to become a firm favourite. A ‘go to’ book for all things folklore. The weird and truly wonderful about Cornwall.

A Treasure Trove of Information

So much of Cornwall is pulsing with layer upon layer of myth and legend. A multifaceted history just waiting to be explored. And Langstone’s book is a gateway to this. Beneath the obvious there is a past, both real and imagined, that all adds to how we experience our county.

“Much of Cornwall’s coast and all of Bodmin Moor is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and these landscapes are so very rich in folklore and steeped in the very culture of Cornwall, that anyone walking these areas will have the experience greatly enhanced by a little knowledge of the folklore of the area they are exploring.”

The original aim of this blog was to tell the untold stories for Cornwall. To get people out exploring beyond well worn attractions. From Granite to Sea is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to know more, to dig deeper.


A Delicious Volume

This book is 275 pages of fascinating stories and insight. Importantly (to me) it has a great index too. It is the first comprehensive book to focus specifically on the folklore of the Bodmin Moor and the east of Cornwall. An area close to my heart. Alex has gathered together both ancient and more modern tales of curious customs, legends and supernatural occurrences into this one delicious volume.

The delicate and haunting illustrations by Paul Atlas-Saunders and Gemma Grey capture the mood of the moor beautifully.

Laid out month by month, it includes the various and varied myths, legends, festivals and charms that relate to each season. Through this book the secrets of a landscape are revealed. A landscape which Alex says inspired him from the beginning to write this book.

“I hope that this book will assist in the rediscovery of the Cornish landscapes vibrant lore and legend. The folklore of a region is a living force and one that needs attention and perpetuation to allow it to thrive. . .”

Get your copy

The book is available in paperback, hardback and a very special limited edition. Published by Troy Books available from them and from Alex’s own website.

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