Cornish Blues

Of course the traditional colours of Cornwall are black and gold (or black and white like the St Pirans flag) but there is another colour that I know resonates through our landscape. Blue.


As I was falling to sleep last night I was thinking back over my day. It had been a glorious May day, more like the height of summer really and I had spent it taking photographs on Gwithian beach.  The sea had be ever-changing shades of deep navy blue, emerald green and turquoise and the sky, well it was just the most wonderful shade of . . . how to describe it . . . well. . . it was Cornish blue.


As I nodded off it got me thinking how much blue really does feature in our culture in Cornwall. There’s Cornishware, inspired by the blue sky and the white-crested waves of our coast, there’s Cornish Blue cheese – in my humble opinion the best blue cheese out there, then there’s the traditional navy blue fisherman’s jumpers (post to follow) and, bear with me as the tenuous links continue, there’s the Blue anchor in Helston and the Blue Bar at Porthtowan!

All jesting aside artists have been draw to our coastline for generations because of the quality of the light. From the 19th century onwards they came to paint the landscape and particularly the coast. Artist colonies, who’s influence is still seen to this day, sprang up in St Ives and Newlyn.  I have heard it said that there is something unique about the light reflecting back the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky. And I find myself agreeing, there is something truly magical, a perfect kind of alchemy, that you only find on the Cornish coast. Whether you are an artist, a photographer and a stop-and-gazer like myself revel in the blue. I am looking forward to a summer of Cornish Blue days! Fingers crossed!!!

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On another note, don’t forget that it is Open Studios week this week, get out there and visited our amazing craftspeople in their studios, see them at work and pick up a bargain straight from the maker!

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  1. Well, I was already planning to go to Cornwall next year without knowing about the blue. But since blue is my favorite color, you cinched it for me.

  2. Love your blog, and your Cornwall! It was unfortunately a short visit, but I will be back!

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