What to do in Cornwall when it rains!

It is safe to say that there are few places that I would rather be than Cornwall in the sunshine but what about those days when the heavens open? Here are my thoughts on what is best to do in Cornwall when its raining:

rain 3

  1. Find yourself a cozy bolt-hole: there is always a spot to be had either in a café with a view or a warm pub by the fire. Order up the coffee and cake or maybe a gin or 3 and watch it all go on outside the window. Two of my personal favourites are Beerwolf in Falmouth which is a quirky Freehouse that also doubles as a book shop and Gylly Beach Café where the covered terrace, blankets and wall heaters mean that when the waves are raging outside you can just hunker down and watch the show. The Blue Bar in Porthtowan is another great choice with the added benefit of watching the surfers!
  2. Find an indoor adventure: why not take a step back in time and take a wander around Cornwall’s answer to Downton Abbey – Lanhydrock House. Or how about jumping abroad an old fashioned steam train at Bodmin and Wedford Railway – they even serve cream teas! If that sounds too sedate why not dive in to the Shipwreck Museum in Charlestown, there are countless interesting artefacts from about 150 wrecks and of course the harbour here has featured in the new series of Poldark.
  3. Have a gallery day: Why not take yourself to the beautiful (even in the rain) seaside town of St Ives! Not only have you got the outstanding Tate Museum, recently enlarged and refurbished but the whole town in bursting with artists and makers of all kinds. You can easily run between the drops as you go from studio to gallery to studio admiring their work. Or how about the wonderful Falmouth Art Gallery, this gallery has an amazing range of art, exhibitions and activities all year round.
  4. Shop til you drop: Cornwall’s capital Truro has transformed in the last few years, many big high street brands have found their way this far south. The centre is very compact with pretty cobbled streets and granite pavements all watched over by the impressive Cathedral. Don’t forget to check out the 2 covered markets too: Lemon Street Market and the Pannier Market with their eclectic range of shops. For more top tips try: Secret Trurorain 1
  5. Get Out There And Enjoy It!: I actually quite enjoy a walk in the rain as long as I have my wellies and my waterproofs! Whether it is feeling the salt spray on my face on a cliff top or avoiding the drips in a woodland as long as I have dry feet I can enjoy the filthy weather. So how about taking a look at the dramatic waterfalls at Kennall Vale Nature Reserve, they are at their best in the rain!rain 2
  6. Take a Cultural Hit: Museums used to be stuffy places but these days it is all about interaction and engagement – so go in and get involved! My favourite is the Royal Cornwall Museum where they have such a fabulous range of exhibits and visiting shows (there is even an Egyptian mummy!) but I also love the amazing treasures you can find in the smaller museums too such as the magical Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle or Charlestown’s awesome Shipwreck Museum. (check opening times in the winter)
  7. Go Wild Inside: If all else fails then why not try one of Cornwall’s most famous attractions. The Eden Project, there is always plenty to see and do and you can keep warm and dry inside one of the tropical climate-controlled biomes.
  8. And last but not least if all else fails: Try the Other Coast: There is a local saying, if you don’t like the weather on one coast, try it on the other! It is an aphorism I stand by. Very often in my experience if its raining on the south coast its blue skies on the north and vice versa!rain 4

I hope you enjoyed my quick guide to soggy Kernow! Please feel free to check out other ideas on my blog, Cornwall really has so much to offer even if the weather is not ideal!

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12 thoughts on “What to do in Cornwall when it rains!

  1. Can I add Falmouth with its Maritime Museum, Gallery and a lovely Bookshop?
    Or suggest – if in the right company – find a nice cave and watch the storm from inside it
    But don’t get cut off by the tide.

  2. Having lived 50 years in Oregon, I know rain is just water, not a reason to stay inside. We went everywhere and did everything, just put on slickers.

  3. I love rainy days. Nothing will happen to you if you get wet. So much to see in Cornwall. I love your blog with all the bits I didn’t know.

  4. Alternatively, you could spend the time browsing job vacancies in other areas of the country where it doesn’t rain most of the time!!!

  5. I agree with Beerwolf as a great choice, just about any pub is nice on a rainy day. One of my favourites is The Old Ale House in Truro which is great for people watching.

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