Spring Sprung in Falmouth

So it seems it is finally here, after what felt like a very long winter with rain of near biblical proportions it is at last the spring equinox.  Nothing says spring has arrived more than the riot of colour that is the Falmouth Spring Flower Show.  Despite being more than 100 years old this historical little show is often over-looked by locals and visitors alike. This year I decided I would not only attend but enter something in one of the classes

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As I entered the Princess Pavilion yesterday my winter-cosseted senses leapt into life.  The large hall is a positive hive of life, all bright gaudy colours and sweet scents.  There are long tables laid out with the most vibrant splashes of pinks and yellows. Daffodils, narcissus, magnolia, rhododendron, camellia and all manner of spring colour is here and after such a long dark winter it’s a joyful sight.

This year for the first time as I said I decided to become an exhibitor.  My grandmother, a proper Falmouth girl, regularly showed off her pot plants and cut flowers but sadly I didn’t inherit her green fingers, I put one of my pictures into the photographic class. Each year there are different themes to choose from,  I picked ‘Cornish mining landscapes’.  I found that there are a couple of advantages to being an exhibitor, you get to see your work on display, which was a first for me, and you don’t have to pay the entry fee (although a rather reasonable £3 is hardly going to break the bank).  No prizes for me this year however but I must say I was very happy and proud to see my name there amongst the others and I have picked up some tips for next year!

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After having my nose in all that pollen I really do hope that there is a fine summer on the way.  It feels like it might be time to dust off my sandals and dig out the sun screen, or perhaps I really am getting ahead of myself, lets just enjoy the fruits of a well earned spring first shall we?

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