Review: The Cornish Cook Book

Cornwall is rich. Rich in heritage, rich in beautiful natural resources and rich with some of the finest produce from land and sea. The Cornish Cook Book is the latest in a long tradition of local cook books designed to celebrate this richness. To delight in all that Cornwall has to offer. The Cornish Cook Book showcases the region’s thriving food scene and shines new light on our exciting culinary landscape. But best of all this book includes recipes from some of Cornwall’s finest restaurants, cafés, gastro pubs and markets, so that you don’t just have to dream about their food, you can actually make it for yourself!

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The Cornish Cook Book is the latest addition to Meze Publishing’s ‘Get Stuck In’ series of regional cook books. Books that really focus on what makes each individual region special. And this edition really shines a light on the exciting culinary landscape of Cornwall, especially it’s wonderful meat and seafood.

Tradition meets Innovation

This book brings together charming mash-up of traditional and innovative cooking. From the Upperdeck’s luxurious duo of duck with potato rosti to Philps Bakery’s traditional steak pasty. From Slow-cooked Cornish Oxtail Pies to Double Baked Cheese soufflé. Saffron Cake to Blueberry and Lime Cake – there is something for every palete.

Just about the first thing I ever learnt to cook was my Granny Dale’s Hevva Cake. It had so much butter and lard in it, it was criminal – but delicious! So I was especially excited to see this traditional Cornish staple included by Hayle’s favourite bakers, Philps.

Heavy 'Hevva' Cake
Philps’ Hevva Cake

This book really does contain a month-watering array of delicious recipes, and the wonderful diversity in its contributors really reflects what is happening within the cooking scene in Cornwall. It has become a real hotbed of innovation, and so much wonderful food can be found across the county – from coast to coast.

Contemporary meets Homely

If you enjoy contemporary fine dining, then look no further than the selection of exciting, unexpected and inventive recipes from restaurants such as The Rising Sun, Gylly Beach Café and The Plume of Feathers. Or if you are after more wholesome and homely comfort food then how about a passionfruit cheesecake made with Furniss Original Cornish Fairings or Duke St Cafe‘s Newlyn Smoked Haddock, Bacon and Leek Chowder. Yum!

As Amy from Gylly Beach Café explains: “In Cornwall we are so lucky to have some of the best produce in the world. The Cornish Cook Book will showcase what Cornwall has to offer, and enable you to create restaurant standard dishes in the comfort of your own home.”

Many of the recipes in The Cornish Cook Book are very achievable, even for the novice cook. This book is about using simple Cornish ingredients in flavourful and exciting ways, little fuss or palaver. Just letting the best Cornish produce speak for itself.

Along side each section of recipes, (some establishments have showcased their best dish, others have offered two or three), there is an introduction to the fantastic, hard-working people behind it all. It’s great way to discover the individual stories behind the delicious dishes, and the passion and determination that goes into creating, running and owning a busy restaurant or business in Cornwall.

Wood-Smoked Pork Belly
Gylly Beach Cafe’s Wood-Smoked Pork Belly

Cornish meets International

Of course seafood dishes feature strongly throughout the book. You are given the chance to create everything from posh fish and chips to a creamy crab dip. And although all the contributors are united by their love of Cornish produce, it is great to see so many international influences adding a little zing to some of the recipes. Of course the Saffron found in Philp’s cake is one of the most expensive spices in the world and produced mostly in the Middle East. And Castaways’ Moroccan-spiced Cornish hake is bursting with exotic African flavours while Trewidden Tearoom’s Raspberry, Lime and Pistachio Cake is spectacular.

As Rebecca from Charlie’s, who’s recipe is a homage to the Cornish crab, points out:

“the book is a true celebration of all things Cornish.”

Snap up a copy!

The Cornish Cook Book retails at just £14.95 and would make a great gift or a fabulous addition to any kitchen. It is available to purchase from all of the contributors included in the book.

You can also get your hands on a copy from smaller independent shops, as well as national book chains like Waterstones, WH Smiths, and online from Amazon.

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