Review: I AM KEVIN – Wildwork’s new show at Carlyon Bay

“My mother stands at the water’s edge.
At the water’s edge stands a tree.
At the water’s edge, on the very edge,
at the water’s edge… is me.”

There are very few experiences more magical than finding yourself on a stunning white sandy beach at sunset watching a spellbinding performance by one of Cornwall’s finest theatre groups. This summer why not discover the darkly wonderful spectacle that is ‘I AM KEVIN’, Wildworks’ new show!


At the water’s edge, beneath the shade of an ancient tree, a mother forms a perimeter to protect herself and her child from an unspeakable darkness. 

The tide ebbs and flows, the years pass, and the boy is taught stories of the dangers that lie beyond the safety of her embrace. 


But one day the boy wakes to find his mother is gone . . . and a stranger arrives at the perimeter’s edge. To learn what happened to his mother the boy must walk out into a new world. A world of gods and monsters. 

‘I AM KEVIN’ is a tale of inescapable fate, of loss and facing your fears but also of finding light in the darkness and learning that we hold the power to rewrite our own stories.

It is a contemporary quest with classical myths and legends woven throughout. A modern-day, dark fairy tale, complete with a dystopian fallen city called The Coliseum, haunting original songs with some truly hilarious moments all rolled in.


“A bedtime story to set the world on fire.”

This is the kind of show that Wildworks has become renowned for, imaginative, original, inventive and visually arresting. Performed on the promenade the audience move with characters on their journey of discovery and at times are encouraged to become part of the action.

The incredibly creative use of the landscape, both natural and industrial, is smart and seamless. This is the kind of show where for those 2 hours the rest of the world just melts away and you are fully immersed in the story, gripped by the unfolding fantasy.

“I AM KEVIN’ is a provocation to rediscover the power and possibility that lies beneath the surface of us all.”

So why not let your imagination run wild for a while on a journey of impossibility?

I highly recommend grabbing yourself tickets while you can!


(See below for my TOP TIPS on enjoying this brilliant performance.⬇️)

The show is running from the 6th to 20th August on Crinnis Beach, Carlyon Bay.


I AM KEVIN is recommended for adults and brave children 12+ 

It starts at 7:45pm with a running time of approximately 120 minutes, with no interval.


Top Tips

  • Wear closed toe shoes, although the action is mostly on sand Carlyon beach is pretty gritty, you also cross rough, uneven ground and you do a fair bit of walking.
  • Make sure you bring extra layers, it get surprisingly cold when the sun drops, and as always be prepared for changeable Cornish weather.
  • Seating is on the soft sand, you could bring a foldable chair or blanket but be prepared to carry it with you from scene to scene.
  • Food and drink is available on the beach at various tempting stalls but remember to visited the loos before the show starts as there’s no interval and you will be leaving civilisation behind!
  • Most of all, let yourself be caught up in the magic of this show.

Note: I have not been paid to write this review, all opinions are my own, I did however receive complimentary tickets to a performance.

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