Love, Loss and Knitting with WildWorks at Heligan – Be a part of it!

A few weeks ago I wrote about the new WildWorks production at Heligan and their call for participants from the local community. Rehearsals will get underway in June, so there is still time to be part of what will be a truly unique event.

However, if being in the limelight is not really your thing have no fear, you can still play a part in 100:Unearth WildWorks tribute to all those effected by war. WildWorks Theatre still needs your help with their inspirational supporting projects. The first one is a call to arms for all knitters!

Knit Your Bit:

During and after the First World War the lives of women were changed forever. While the men were gone, off fighting in the blood and chaos of the trenches, their mothers, sisters, wives and sweethearts were left behind to worry and . . . to knit. As the war dragged on, the knitted items that the women were able to post off to their loved ones fighting were not only a real practical comfort and expression of support for the menfolk but created a real community feeling here at home.

Combine this with the invaluable work that the women were also doing in the munitions factories and you have the wonderful inspiration behind . . .

The Knitted Torpedo!

FINAL Knitting poster

So calling all knitters! KNIT YOUR BIT! Like the women of WWI, WildWorks are asking you to take up your needles and wool as one big creative community but also as an act of remembrance. There’s no need for any experience, in fact this could be the perfect project for first time knitters!

And what’s next?

There are two other projects to be a part of, both of which I am going to explore more in another post in a couple of days. They are:


So watch this space!

Just a reminder, the last open workshop for anyone who wants to sing, perform, create or just help out is on 26th May at the Mevagissey Activity Centre.



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  1. My mother knit helmet liners during college in the early 1940’s. She felt she was contributing to the war effort. Your project looks intriguing.

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