Kernow Alstroemeria – Beautiful Cornish flowers delivered to your door

From Glasshouse to your House

I grew up in family of keen gardeners and plant lovers. In fact my parents ran a small nursery alongside our farm for more than 30 years. Consequently we have always had a house full of fresh flowers. So when a parcel arrived from Kernow Alstroemeria I was more than a little delighted. And that joy has just lasted and lasted and lasted. . .
The flowers that I received were from Cornish business Kernow Alstroemeria who have recently begun home delivery of these beautiful blooms. This means flowers straight from the glasshouse to your house, so that you can enjoy them whenever and as often as you want!

The Awesome Alstroemeria

The Alstroemeria is also know as the Peruvian Lily or even more romantically the Lily of the Incas. This delicate flower hails from South America. From the mountains of Chile, Brazil and Peru.

Alstroemeria was first discovered by Europeans in the 18th century. Supposedly it was Swedish botanist Baron Von Alstromer who introduced it to Europe and gave the plant its name. The Alstroemeria quickly became very popular because of its delicate petals, it’s wonderful variety of colours and it’s long life as a cut flower.


With over 120 different varieties Alstroemeria are available in a rainbow of colours. Shades of pink, purple, white, yellow, orange and red. Many have petals with flecks or stripes, or are streaked with darker colours.

The Rickard family have been growing these gorgeous plants commercially in Cornwall since the 1970s.

So, who are Kernow Alstroemeria?

They are Cornwall’s newest flower delivery company!
Kernow Alstroemeria are a family business based in St Dominick near Saltash. Their sister company, Lanoyce Nurseries, was founded more than 20 years ago and has since become the UK’s largest Alstroemeria grower supplying businesses across the country.

Kernow Alstroemeria

The Rickards now have three generations of the same family involved, combining years of invaluable experience with fresh innovative new ideas.

“Our aim is to celebrate what can be grown in Cornwall and show how great a Cornish product can be,” says Thomas Rickard, “All our packaging is plastic free and our flowers are grown using renewable energy where technology is needed.”

In 2008 Lanoyce Nurseries invested in a biomass heating system. In 2016 they added solar panels, and in recent years energy efficient LED lighting which reduced their carbon footprint even further. This all means that flowers can be produced for 52 weeks of the year in their enormous glasshouses. So they can send fresh Cornish flowers to your home even in the depressing depths of winter!

Kernow Alstroemeria

Flowers from Cornwall

The expansion of the railways in the 19th century led to a growth in the Cornish flower industry. Daffodils in particular were popular but there were other crops grown such as anemones. The mild Cornish climate means that spring arrives here before the rest of the country. The flower farmers were able to supply the cities with baskets full of early, colourful blooms.

This industry still continues today. Our daffodil farms are now some of the largest and most efficient anywhere, exporting throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

And Kernow Alstroemeria are continuing that Cornish tradition too, albeit updated for the digital age.

What I received . . .

The parcel which arrived to me was sturdy but carefully and attractively put together. The stems were wrapped in paper tied with rough Hessian string, which I actually repurposed to decorate my vase. In fact all Kernow Alstroemeria packaging is plastic free and can be recycled. So another win for Mother Earth.

The flowers I received are known as their ‘Kernow Collection‘.

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“Without doubt the best product we offer,” Thomas Rickard tells me, “it allows me to choose the very best flowers on the nursery that week. You really do get premium product.”

I followed the care instructions carefully, and added the complimentary flower food to my vase. The flowers were mostly closed when they arrived but by the next morning had all begun to open and reveal their soft flowers. Shades of white and gold with dashes of dark maroon. They easily created an impressive display. A real vase full! Despite the delicate-looking blooms these flowers just keep on giving! So far they have lasted 8 days and show no sign of fading.

Kernow Alstroemeria provide complimentary next day delivery across the UK. They also offer subscriptions, all from just £22.95. An excellent gift, or treat for yourself, to brighten your home at any time of the year.

*Note: I was not paid for review, but I did receive a beautiful bunch of flowers.

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