Exclusive interview with N:DLESS – the 90s dance sensation on their come-back tour of Cornwall

In the summer of 1997 I was 20 years old and spending every weekend on the dance floor. This was the days of ‘Pound a Pint’ nights, of Tony and New Labour and of Leo and the ‘Titanic’. And there was only one soundtrack to that endless summer – N:Dless’ album Fur Coats in the Desert was constantly on repeat on my CD player.

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For those of you who are struggling to remember – it was the 90s after all – here’s probably their best known track Ripe for the Restroom!

But hang on . . . brace yourselves. You’d better dig out your DM’s and your glow sticks! This spring Cornwall is in for a real, old-skool treat.

N:Dless are back!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have been given exclusive access to their rehearsals as they prepare for an intense tour of Cornwall’s village halls.
N:Dless were thrust onto the electronic music scene with chart-topping, floor-filling hits such as ‘Penguin in a Sparrows Nest’ and ‘We’re Ripe for the Restroom’. Their debut album ‘Fur Coats in the Desert’ did really, really well and they ended up touring a small section of the globe. They became quite well known for sometimes talking about pushing a few boundaries.
But following an unexpected split in 1998, fans such as myself were devastated – we found ourselves free falling. No explanations and so many unanswered questions . . . until now.

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The band were doing a very technical sound and lighting check when I arrived at their exclusive studio space in Constantine. And I was relieved to hear that N:Dless really are sounding a bit like they always did. They graciously took time out of their busy schedule to talk to me.

Hear how the rehearsals are going. Discover what it’s like being back together after all these years, what they do to relax and their thoughts on Mongolian deep throat music. This is N:Dless.

Trifle Gathering Productions Latest Show, Endless featuring N:Dless

So you may have guessed that all is not quite as it seems here. But I can genuinely say this new show promises to be hilariously unmissable.
Much loved Cornwall based theatre company Trifle Gathering Productions are back on tour with their bravest theatre project to date, Endless featuring N:Dless. This show has been 3 years in the making and has been written and produced by Trifle’s core team Kyla Goodey, (Ubu Karoke, Kneehigh and 100: UnEarth, WildWorks) and Sally Crooks (The Trench, Bodmin).

Endless NAME.jpg

Endless is a comedy tale about the reunion of a fictional 90s electronic band. Trifle Gathering Productions are deftly merging fantasy and harsh reality with this show. It features live music, comedy, pop videos and documentary interviews.

“This is our most ambitious show to date. It’s been three years in the making and we’re really excited about it finally hitting the stage.” says Kyla, the show’s director.

Watch this space for more updates and reviews.

Trifle Gathering Productions will be touring Endless(ly) across Cornwall (and sometimes Devon) from 13th April. You can find out booking details HERE.

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