Cornwall’s Social Media Stars – who to follow . . .

This is very much my personal pick of Cornwall’s top social media stars. The online influencers that I love and admire. The bloggers, Instagram and Twitter accounts and Facebook pages I just can’t do without!

Just a few years ago I was a real technophobe. Me and my old Nokia phone were quite happy to not be connected, thank you very much! Now four years down the road and sometimes I can’t imagine my life without social media. My blog has become such an important part of my day and every morning I love catching up with the adventures and achievements of my online friends and neighbours.

That’s why I thought it was time to share some the social media stars from Cornwall that I take such pleasure in following with you.

So check out their pages, their Twitter feeds, Instagram accounts and their blogs and enjoy!

The St Ives Mermaid

This lovely lady is one of my absolute favourite people on social media. Her life makes me smile, and it seems that she is basically living every little girl’s dream! Since 2016 Laura has been slipping into the waters in St Ives harbour and becoming a mermaid.

credit: Alastair Scarlett Photography

Laura Evans was born in Cornwall but perhaps a little like myself, came to appreciate its beauty and healing qualities after some time outside the county. When she returned home she took up paddleboarding and sea swimming. And one evening, watching the sunset over the harbour, she had an idea.

“I imagined how magical it would be if a mermaid swam into St Ives on an evening like this, and what a stir it would cause. Then I thought maybe I could be that mermaid.”

The St Ives Mermaid also recently announced her bid to become the first mermaid on Strictly Come Dancing! You can follow The St Ives Mermaid on Twitter and Instagram, where she gives regular updates in the summer as to which beach she will be swimming up on to next.

The Cornish Maid

The dulcet tones of The Cornish Maid never fail to brighten my day! And I am sure brighten the lives of many others too, especially those who, for whatever reason, aren’t able to get out and about in the Cornish countryside.

You see, the maid takes us out on walks and provides a wonderful narration as she goes. She calls it ‘walkies with talkies’. I call it fabulous!

And there are roughly 4000 people on Facebook that seem to agree with me! The maid also has her own YouTube channel were you can find an archive of her videos.

The Cornish Life

The Cornish Life blog is written and produced by Anna who, like myself began her blogging journey in 2015. Born and breed in the county Anna describes herself as a lifestyle blogger and a beach lover and her lovely posts cover everything from places to eat and stay to mental health issues and dog friendly walking.

Credit: Olivia Bossert

I started The Cornish Life in 2015 as a hobby and an ode to Cornwall; a place I enjoy living and am truly passionate about. Over the last few years my blog has grown and now acts as a resource for many people visiting the county . . My audience are mostly made up of Londoners & city dwellers who love escaping to Cornwall for their holidays.

Not only is the site gorgeous to look at but this is the kind of blog that inspires so many people to visit Cornwall and make it their home (and inspires me to do better with my own blog!). And I think it also encourages locals to discover more of what is right on their doorstep, an idea which is behind so much of my own writing. In 2018, Anna made the Cornwall’s 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs to watch list for building such an inspiring brand. **High five** Anna!

Kernow Shots

Lee Stephens, the photographer behind Kernow Shots, is of course based in Cornwall and shares with us the most stunning images on his Instagram account.


It is hardly surprising then that he has more than 48,000 followers. Each image really is dreamy – always showing Cornwall at it’s most gorgeous! They make me want to grab my camera and get out there!

Cornish Curiosities – Bisto the fungus man

Bisto is a man after my own heart. A man in love with Cornwall and it’s people. Someone who sees stories all around him and just has to share. Oh and yes he loves mushrooms too!

Credit: John Hurst

Cornish Curiosities is a relatively new page but I have now doubt that Bisto’s enthusiasm will see it become a huge hit. His photos and videos take us from one side of the county to the other, to every interesting nook and cranny.

Credit: Bisto, Rough Tor

The snippets of information Bisto gives with the images and videos on the page really are an inspiration for me and I look forward to each new post! Where will Bisto be today, that’s the question?! People think I get about but he beats me hands down!

Greg Martin – photojournalist

Many of the most interesting and dramatic images that you see in the Cornish press have been taken by Greg Martin.


Greg is probably best known for the pictures he produces for Cornwall Live, The Cornishman and the West Briton and says that he aims to focus on newsworthy images and illustrating the beauty of Cornwall.

Greg’s image of Tim Pender with his ferrets – Grace, Joy and Jason

Following Greg on social media means that you sometimes get to see those arresting images before they make it into the papers. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and of course more often than not on the front pages too.

Sarah Jane Humphrey

Sarah is a botanical illustrator and author who has recently opened her own beautifully chic shop, Botanical Ateleir, in Falmouth.

Her Instagram account is a joy to follow, showcasing much of her stunning work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The detail really is just breath-taking and always stops me in my tracks!

Sarah also runs illustration classes for beginners from her shop and has written a book about the art of botanical illustration so if you really feel inspired you can have a go yourself.

Aaron Jenkin – photographer

It is easy to understand why Aaron Jenkin’s nickname is ‘Mr Nightsky’. He captures awe inspiring images and then generously shares them with us all.

Born in the county his Instagram is pure indulgence, just an excuse to wallow in the beauty of Cornwall really. I love it! Deservedly Aaron has also recently been featured in a video made by the BBC about how to photograph the night sky – you can see it HERE.


Aaron also shares his photographic techniques and creative process in a number of summer night photography workshops helping others to capture the night sky.

Cornish news – Steve Heller

Cornish News is Cornwall’s alternative news outlet. Irreverent, hilarious and above all 100% Cornish through and through.

48419057_2263801633683967_3950586115148218368_nWith nearly 60,000 followers on Facebook, the page was created in 2014 by Steve Heller.


Heller found fame with his musical parodies and comical songs about life in Camborne and Redruth. Since then he has developed a huge following and is fast becoming a household name in Cornwall.

Oh and he even has a pasty named after him!

A few more of my favourites:

Narrowing this list down to just a few names was pretty tough! There are so many others that I could have added. So please don’t be offended if you’re not included here!

Here’s just a few more of my ‘ones-to-watch’:

Tim Knight – Secret Landscapes Discovering so many beautiful places with Tim’s lovely images, especially those on Bodmin Moor! I look forward to each new post from him.

A Day in the Life of a  A day in the life of someone in Cornwall told through the stunning images taken by photographer Rick Davy. You can find more information about this wonderful project HERE

Aerial Cornwall Wonderful images of Cornwall from above. Say no more.

Kernow Bys Vyken! Read a fascinating tweet every day about an historical event or interesting person from Cornwall’s past.

One more for fun:

This one isn’t actually about Cornwall but, bear with me, anyone who knows me knows that I am slightly obsessed with our ancient history and big rocks. So for anyone else out there with the same ‘problem’ this Twitter account is for you!

French Postcards of Megaliths

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  1. If anyone follows Steve Heller on Tiktok, just bear in mind he blocks you if you point out that his live stream is unwatchable due to the picture and audio freezing constantly. He blocks you for trying to be helpful 🤷‍♀️
    I understand in the Cornish countryside our phone signal is often 💩 But what’s the point of going “live” if no-one can see or hear you? 😂
    Usually trolls and idiots get blocked on Tiktok, but when a user is genuinely trying to help, the creator is thankful. I really don’t understand why you would block your own supporters.

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