Logan Rock – Louden Hill, Bodmin Moor

There are a few places in Cornwall that are really special to me that I tend keep to myself and until now the logan rock on Louden hill was one of those places.ย But after walking out there today I decided its just too fun not to share!

bodmin moor

Bodmin moor is relatively small when you compare it to Dartmoor or the wilds of Wales and Scotland but that for me is part of the attraction. It means that within a few minutes the walker can find themselves in complete solitude and in a strange and forgotten country.


There is very little information about Louden hill but this part of the moor is alive with ancient relics – 3 stone circles and numerous cairns, huts circles and remains of field boundaries all dating for the bronze age. The subject of this post however is not man made, it is a wonderful natural phenomena. Weathering causes one rock to be balancing perfectly on top on another, allowing it to rock with only a little effort!

Watch me wobble

(Apologies for the wellies and muddy trackies – I’m not really a glamour puss!)

Several logan rocks have been identified over the years in Cornwall. The most famous I wrote about a while ago The Raising of Logan Rock and can be found near Porthcurno. Sadly it no longer moves. Most however have disappeared, been destroyed or like the one at Treen no longer rock. The word “logan” (pronounced “logg-un”) is said to have derived from the Cornish word “log”, which means “to rock like a drunkard”.


I love this spot. Not only for the fun of playing with the logan rock but for the peace! And lets face it the views alone are spectacular and well worth the trek!

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15 thoughts on “Logan Rock – Louden Hill, Bodmin Moor

    1. I love the moors, can’t recommend a visit more highly if you like wide open spaces, just pick your day as the weather can make all the difference!

  1. Is that just up the way from the Stannon stone circle? I have cycled up to them on that track before but may need to walk it from a car parked near there (I walk or cycle. Can’t walk far either without the bike to lean on or my stick!)

    1. Yes it is, if you go out to Louden circle on your bike and then head out across towards Louden hill from there that would probably be the shortest walking distance I think

  2. The Logan Rock at Treen does still rock. The secret is to get below its SW corner, cup both hands against the rocvk and start a series of rhythmic heaves. After a while, it starts to rock, and then you can keep the mobvement going with one hand and very little effort at all. There is also the Lady Logan, just inside the inner rampart of the Iron Age cliff castle and to the right of the path. A more upright stone but still about 15 tons (a compared with the big one’s 70 tons). She was a giantess turned to stone for murdering her husband. She rocks easily.

    1. Thank you for this! And I haven’t heard of the Lady before! Will have to hunt her down now! Thank you Craig ๐Ÿ˜Š

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