Our Defenceless Monuments: The Threat to Cornwall’s Heritage

Kilmar tor

Cornwall is blessed with a long and fascinating history. Although visitors are often drawn to the county by the so called ‘Poldark effect’ many more are also seeking out our enigmatic prehistoric monuments. I wanted to take a look at the hidden threat to this precious heritage. An Outstanding Landscape Cornwall has some of the […]

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Goodaver Stone Circle – Bodmin Moor

Some places feel lost even when you find them . . . Goodaver stone circle is one of those places. Hidden on an peaceful area of Bodmin Moor between Goodaver Downs and Smith’s moor this circle is rarely visited, mostly because it is so hard to get too. I first visited the circle last year […]

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Logan Rock – Louden Hill, Bodmin Moor

There are a few places in Cornwall that are really special to me that I tend keep to myself and until now the logan rock on Louden hill was one of those places. But after walking out there today I decided its just too fun not to share! Bodmin moor is relatively small when you […]

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To the Stripple Stones

Whatever the time of year I love the moors. Whether it is in the depths of winter when the air is sharp with cold, one of those days the wind tugs at you and takes your breath away or at the height of a bright blue-skied summers day. Then its a very different place, you can hear the heat coming […]

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The Stones of Leskernick Hill

It has taken me far too long to get around to writing this article and it is only the thought of getting back out on the moor again in a few days time that forced my thoughts to turn once again to this unwritten story. It actually began with this blog. A piece I wrote […]

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Boscawen-un Stone Circle

The names spin by outside the car, Buryas Bridge, Drift, Catchall and then I see the tiny turning that I need and swing the car in, onto the dirt road.  This is the track to Boscawen-un, one of the first ancient places on the Penwith that I ever came to.  That was probably 20 years ago […]

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