Celebrating 200 Years: the Royal Cornwall Museum comes to life!

royal cornwall museum

It is damp and dreary but I have been looking forward to today for months so I was going to be put off. Walking up the granite steps into the museum I was immediately stuck by how bright everything looks. And how busy, my favourite little museum had really come alive!

I have been going to the Royal Cornwall Museum since the 1980s. I think every person I know who went to school in Cornwall has been taken to see the Egyptian mummy at some point. Since those school trips I have continued to visit regularly, to use the library, to hunt down an object I have read about or to attend a talk. But today really felt like a new chapter.


The hard work of the past few months has paid off. All the familiar displays have been Continue reading


Box Brownie: The Perfect Reflection

I was given my first camera aged roughly 8 or 9 years old.  It was a Hanimex Auto Grip 110F which took those funny cartridge films.  It was small and clunky but I felt so proud that it was all mine!  Many of the pictures that I took subsequently, mostly of my cats and chickens, were blurry and at less than arty angles but I kept every one in an album which I still have to this day.

In my teens I moved on to my grandfather’s old Minolta and life became complicated in more ways than one but that’s a whole other story, I digress!

The reason for this post was a different kind of reflection all together. In short, isn’t there something just magical in the perfect reflection?  I just developed a new Brownie film and I felt like sharing!  I often feel that if you find pleasure in the small things the rest will follow.  So here are some of my recent reflections! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking and developing them!


I think I am literally in love with this image!  There is something about the scene that I find other-worldly, like many of the Brownie pictures it feels utterly timeless.


This proves that I did go over and sit on the bench in the previous picture!


There is a haze to this one, not really sure why because it was a clear crisp morning in Penryn but I love the gentle ripples in the water.


Not a reflection I realise but its water and I just love this picture.  The swans had just been over to investigate my potential for snacks, I had failed to provide them with anything so they left in silent indignation.

I feel that my photographs are just as much as part of this blog as the stories that I aim to tell and those blurry snaps from 30 years ago are as much a captured memory from my life as these reflections above.

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