Earthquakes across Cornwall

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon on the 1st November 1755 the sea in Mount’s Bay , Penzance rose rapidly and without warning to about 6ft above its normal level. Then it “just as quickly ebbed away”. The water continued to rise and fall in this way repeatedly for the next 5 hours. In neighbouring […]

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Adventures with my Box Brownie: Part 2 How to load your film!

I picked up another film from the developer this week.  And as always it is that moment of trepidation that is half the fun, what will the pictures be like, did I breathe and blur, have I managed any double exposures and is that a good or a bad thing? The gentleman behind the counter […]

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Spring Sprung in Falmouth

So it seems it is finally here, after what felt like a very long winter with rain of near biblical proportions it is at last the spring equinox.  Nothing says spring has arrived more than the riot of colour that is the Falmouth Spring Flower Show.  Despite being more than 100 years old this historical little show […]

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