Stephenson’s Rocket in Truro

Rocket in Truro

On the 20th July 1980 celebrations were being held in Truro for the introduction of British Rail’s new InterCity 125 to Cornwall. The Mayor of Truro, John Farndon, and other local dignitaries were gathered at Truro Railway Station for the arrival of this high-speed, streamlined engine but for many it was another engine that rather […]

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Hoovered Heifers – It’s Showtime in Truro!

Despite it’s size, Truro is actually a city and the capital of Cornwall. But you would hardly call it a pulsating metropolis especially on one particular day every December.  on that day the city’s main square is filled with all the sights, sounds and smells of your average farmyard.  When I arrived at the annual Cornwall’s Primestock show […]

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John Couch Adams – The Stargazy Cornishman and the search for Neptune

If you google ‘how to find a new planet’ an article published in The Guardian in May pops up.  In recent months, it reports, NASA has discovered 1200 new planets orbiting distant stars in far off solar systems. In just the last couple of weeks a possible “earth-like” planet has also been discovered.  How far we have come […]

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Hannah Jory: Mother, Prostitute & Convict

I find researching and writing about an ordinary person from the past fascinating (perhaps it is my natural nosiness).  At times it is captivating, at others, difficult to comprehend. After all these folks aren’t around to explain their actions or to defend themselves.  Records for the regular person on the street are scant, we often left with small […]

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