Trelill Holy Well – Cornwall’s first scheduled monument

Trelill Well sits in a quiet wooded valley that, at this time of year, is swathed in billows of cow parsley, campions and fox gloves. This pretty well which was the first monument in Cornwall to be scheduled in 1922 (CO 1), was almost forgotten until quite recently. Dedicated to St Wendrona in 1423 it […]

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Cornish China Clay – The Discovery of Our White Gold

China clay Tregonning hill

One of the most iconic and memorable sites in Cornwall is a man-made one. What the locals call the Cornish Alps. The huge, bright-white spoil heaps left by the China Clay industry dominate the centre of the county and can be seen for literally miles and miles highlighted against a blue sky. China Clay is […]

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Helston Flora Day: through my eyes

Helston Flora is one of my favourite days in the Cornish calendar.  I have happy memories of visiting as a teenager and more recently helping my oldest friend in her shop for what is just about the busiest day of the year for the town. For the uninitiated Flora day is a celebration of the arrival […]

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