The Celtic Cross at Lamorna Cove

Cross Lamorna Cove

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of wayside crosses across Cornwall. You can find them on crossroads and in village squares and sometimes marking graves. They can, however, also pop up in unexpected places. Just above the churning seas that rumble against the rocks close to Lamorna Cove stands a small Celtic Cross. Carved into the […]

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The Centre of Cornwall & a rather Mysterious Tail

Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end.  The Tamar river in many ways marks the beginning of Cornwall. And of course we all know where to find the End. It is the village of Lanivet, not far from Bodmin, that marks the middle.You see this little place’s claim to fame is that it is meant […]

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Bosvathick – Three Forgotten Crosses

I guess you could say that I am nosy by nature. I would prefer to be called curious or inquisitive but really I just like to know stuff. As a child I drove my parents up the wall with endless questions – why this? and how that? But you see if you don’t ask you […]

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