Walking on Bodmin Moor – some of my personal highlights!

Kilmar tor Bodmin Moor

I read recently that Bodmin Moor is less popular with visitors than Dartmoor because it has so few marked footpaths. There are numerous ‘routes’ across the moor but they are far less worn by foot traffic and in most cases not marked at all. But this is one of the reasons I and many others […]

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To the Stripple Stones

Whatever the time of year I love the moors. Whether it is in the depths of winter when the air is sharp with cold, one of those days the wind tugs at you and takes your breath away or at the height of a bright blue-skied summers day. Then its a very different place, you can hear the heat coming […]

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The Propped Stone of Leskernick Hill

The connections between ancient man, the stones structures they built and the natural rulers of the skies – the sun, moon and stars – are overwhelming. And trying to make sense of what mattered and why to our ancestors without taking into account the struggle they faced with the elements, and their own battle to […]

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Garrow Tor’s Lost Village

In an earlier post I wrote about the Cornish word Hireth, which means a longing for somewhere, and how many people can feel a deep affliation or connection to a place.  For me, Bodmin Moor with its mysterious relics, wild landscape and wide horizons is one of those places. Canon Elliott-Binns’ 1955 book Medieval Cornwall contains this description – “The […]

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