Bart O’Farrell – Wizard on the Lizard: Full Unedited Interview

This is my recording of my interview with Bart O’Farrell, the wizard on the Lizard. This recording was never meant for anyone but me to listen to. I recorded for the piece I was writing about Bart. So apologies for my silly interjections. I know you would much rather be listening to Bart!! Advertisements

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Cornish Poet Joseph Thomas and his Randigal Rhymes

In the back of Joseph Thomas’ book of poems entitled “Randigal Rhymes” you will find, along with a list of Cornish proverbs and charm for toothache, a glossary of Cornish words.  The first one that you should look up of course is randigal. And you will find that it means “a rigmarole, a nonsensical story”. […]

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The Wizard on the Lizard

An interview with Bartholomew Patrick O’Farrell Driving down towards St Keverne on Cornwall’s isolated Lizard peninsula feels like drifting back in time.  With the Autumnal fog rolling in from the sea and covering the Goonhilly Downs the whole scene can suddenly become rather otherworldly. Quite an appropriate place to meet a wizard. Bartholomew Patrick O’Farrell, […]

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