Cornish Folk

On this page  you will find my posts about some of the real, peculiar, funny and strange folk of Cornwall – some of my family appear here too!



The Singular Mr Daniel Gumb & his house of rocks

A tale of an ordinary Cornish man with an extraordinary home and a marvellous mind.






Granny Boswell: Cornwall’s Gypsy Queen

Find out about this feisty old lady with a wicked tongue




fiddle player


Trevalga’s King

A rather silly but supposedly true tale of an unknown Cornish ‘King’.








Anthony Payne: A Real Cornish Giant

A great man in many ways.









Celebrating the Rather Eccentric Mr Knill

Every year a whole town comes out in celebration of one man, at his request, 300 years after his death! Find out more about out Mr Knill!




Scan Grandpa 3


My Grumpy Grandpa & his Shires

Read about my wonderful grandfather and his love for these gentle giants.





My Grandmother & Rope Walk, Falmouth

Memories of my granny who lived most of her life in Falmouth.




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Falmouth’s Mystery Pyramid

The Killigrew family were once called the founders of Falmouth but all that is left is this rather strange monument . . . find out more!




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Who was Pirate John ‘Eyebrows’ Thomas?

Find out the legend behind this grave and one of the ‘real’ Pirates of Penzance!




KODAK Digital Still Camera




Find out about a man whose joy was infectious in Billy Bray’s Dancing feet