Wadi Degla – Egypt’s Grand Canyon

After a few days in Africa’s largest city you might feel the need for a little respite. Cairo is a wonderfully vibrant, exciting and dynamic place but the pollution and the constant sound of car horns can sometimes become a little overwhelming. Imagine my delight then to hear that the city has a nature reserve […]

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A Potted History of Dollar Cove – treasure beneath the waves!

Everyone loves the idea of discovering buried treasure! And there is one beach in Cornwall where the possibility of that dream becoming a reality is considered greater than most. And what if you didn’t even have to dig? What if the treasure washed up right at your feet? Dollar Cove has its name for a […]

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Charles Carkeet James – Cornish Quaker & Innovator in India

Recently Aadil Desai, a heritage and history enthusiast from Mumbai in India, sent me an article he thought would interest me. It had been written by a friend of his, Dr Shekhar Krishnan, about a little known Cornish man who pioneered the first ever bio-gas plant in the city in 1901. The crumbling remains of […]

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