Trelill Holy Well – Cornwall’s first scheduled monument

Trelill Well sits in a quiet wooded valley that, at this time of year, is swathed in billows of cow parsley, campions and fox gloves. This pretty well which was the first monument in Cornwall to be scheduled in 1922 (CO 1), was almost forgotten until quite recently. Dedicated to St Wendrona in 1423 it […]

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Review of A Guide to Cornwall by Weekend Journals

Some guidebooks are designed to simply get you from A to B. Others help you to discover the unique and the unexpected. Weekend Journal’s Cornwall edition is a compendium of some of the county’s most special places, both traditional and contemporary. It guides the reader on a journey to some of hidden treasures of the […]

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Meeting the Angels of Death at Heligan

The personification of death in art and mythology is common. Abaddon in the Book of Revelation, Azrael in Islam, Yama in Hinduism even the Santa Muerte in Mexico. These guardians of the underworld are the keepers of the gates into the afterlife, the bringers of doom and the escorts of departed souls. So, let’s just […]

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WildWork’s Wall of Love – who will you add?

It all began back on 2014 when WildWorks made history. Over 5000 people joined in their commemoration of the centenary of the beginning of WW1 by remembering the community’s lost men in a powerful dawn ‘til dusk performance. That performance was called 100: The Day Our World Changed and took place at the Lost Gardens of […]

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Visit Egyptian House, Penzance

Egyptian House

Much of Penzance’s Chapel Street is lined with historical buildings. Many date from the 18th century but at the top of the street there is a building truly like no other in the whole of Cornwall. Penzance’s Pride and Joy Egyptian House, Nos 6 -7 Chapel Street, is a rare survivor of a style of […]

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Elementum – Review of a journal of nature and story.

Elementum is a beautiful treasure trove of words and imagery. This is not a read today – recycled tomorrow magazine, this is something dive into, immerse yourself in and ultimately cherish. Reading it feels as if you are being drawn into each of the contributors’ worlds. Worlds where there are legions of stories waiting to […]

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