The Giant’s Crossing – Statue of Saint Piran, a journey to Brittany

This spring make some time to say farewell to Saint Piran. He is preparing to make another miraculous journey.

saint piran statue, giants crossing, valley of the saints brittany

His passage from Ireland to Cornwall floating  on a granite millwheel was a few hundreds years ago and when he drifted ashore on the wild Cornish coast he brought with him christianity and the secret of smelting tin. Now in 2018 our patron saint is getting ready for another exciting journey our neighbouring Celtic nation, Brittany.

Weighing 5 tons and standing 3.5m (11ft) high this beautiful statue was created by sculptors David Paton and Stephane Rouget. Carved out Carnsaw granite in the Trenoweth quarry near Mabe Saint Piran will be the 100th statue to be placed in La Valle des Saints in Brittany.

Before and after!

The Valley of the Saints project not only aims to highlight our Celtic connections, indeed there are plans for further statues from Wales, Ireland and Scotland, but to also celebrate traditional granite craftsmanship. Our Cornish saint will be the first to join the 99 other statues already in the park.

This is David at work:

In May this giant statue will be loaded onto La Nebuleuse, a traditional tuna fishing boat from Brittany which I was lucky enough to go aboard when she paid a visit last summer. Saint Piran will then, along with his millwheel carved from Irish granite, sail across the channel from Falmouth to the coast of France.

The Nebuleuse in Falmouth last summer:

At the moment you can view the completed statue in the quarry (minus the completed millwheel) during normal working hours. I really suggested you make the time to go and visit! He won’t be here forever and the statue is an impressive demonstration of the beauty of ancient craftsmanship!

saint piran statue mabe, valley of the saints brittany

There is the postcode for your Satnav below or you will find it signposted just outside of Mabe. Please remember this is a working quarry and you visit at your own risk!

TR10 9HY

You can also find out more about the Giant’s crossing HERE

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3 thoughts on “The Giant’s Crossing – Statue of Saint Piran, a journey to Brittany

  1. Sandra April 15, 2018 / 6:56 pm

    I knew about the statue but not that it was possible to see it now. We’re heading to the far west very soon. I wonder if we can make a detour…. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elizabeth April 16, 2018 / 7:00 pm

    For several years we attended a granite carving outdoor sculpture competition in northern Maine. They were all for outdoor display after the competition. What a thrill to watch the figures emerging from those huge chunks of stone. We later went to a granite quarry in Vermont to watch the large chunks be broken off the cliffs. I love the saint and the story here.

    Liked by 1 person

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