Men-Amber Rock, a lost logan rock with a strange history

In Cornwall the landscape around us is alive with stories. As a people we seem to have always formed a close relationship with the natural geology that surrounds us. Here it is nearly impossible for a rock to be just a rock! There is always a tale attached and sometimes more than one! Men-amber rock […]

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Be part of WildWorks’ latest extraordinary performance

For three weeks this summer the Lost Gardens of Heligan is playing host to an ambitious show with an ensemble of around 150 – and the best bit is anyone can be a part of it! No experience necessary! A couple of nights ago I popped into the Hall for Cornwall to hear the WildWorks […]

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Where to see Bluebells in Cornwall

At this time of year the turning of the seasons heralds the arrival of one of our most enigmatic native flowers. The bluebell. The harsh winter has set them back a little this year but here are a few ideas of places to see them in the next few weeks. Enys Gardens My obsession with […]

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Goodaver Stone Circle – Bodmin Moor

Some places feel lost even when you find them . . . Goodaver stone circle is one of those places. Hidden on an peaceful area of Bodmin Moor between Goodaver Downs and Smith’s moor this circle is rarely visited, mostly because it is so hard to get too. I first visited the circle last year […]

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The Giant’s Crossing – Statue of Saint Piran, a journey to Brittany

saint piran statue, giants crossing, valley of the saints brittany

This spring make some time to say farewell to Saint Piran. He is preparing to make another miraculous journey. His passage from Ireland to Cornwall floating on a granite millwheel was a few hundreds years ago and when he drifted ashore on the wild Cornish coast he brought with him christianity and the secret of […]

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Review of Marco Polo’s new Guide to Devon and Cornwall 2018

Marco Polo Devon and Cornwall Guide Review 2018

I was recently asked if I would write a review for the new Marco Polo Pocket Guide to Devon and Cornwall. I agreed. Excited that they wanted my opinion and by the prospect of a free book! After all my years of travel you might say that I am a bit of a guidebook connoisseur. […]

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Logan Rock – Louden Hill, Bodmin Moor

There are a few places in Cornwall that are really special to me that I tend keep to myself and until now the logan rock on Louden hill was one of those places. But after walking out there today I decided its just too fun not to share! Bodmin moor is relatively small when you […]

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